Baby Handprint and Footprint Kit: An Attractive Baby Shower Gift

Baby shower parties are getting much common these days. People like to throw these parties so as to make their babies enjoy the new world and new atmosphere.

Gifting at such parties have become a trend these days. It is just you need to examine the party mood and then decide what to gift. Sometimes it is seen that such parties are not thrown by parents but are simply thrown by some other person like their guardian. In such cases it is not necessary to buy very precious baby shower gifts.

But, if the party is given by parents themselves then it becomes important to gift something which is not only precious and unique but also look pleasing and helpful for the couple in the future. It is important to check the reviews online before making a final deal so that you end up buying a good product which few of the parents have already found useful.

Baby footprint kit or baby handprint kit is one unique gift for baby shower parties which you can consider buying. This is basically a picture frame kit for infants and toddlers which includes soft nontoxic premium moldable clay material where parents can capture the tiny hands and feet of baby. This unique gift is a great idea for new parents which enables them to capture and preserve early memories of their baby for years.

The exciting features which comes with this baby shower, maternity or registry gift are:

  • Premium quality clay material which does neither lose shape nor cracks
  • 100% safe, pure and environmentally friendly clay material which is safe for baby skin
  • Exclusive color range for boys as well as girls

This attractive and trendy gift by Ninos is now available online at Amazon at a very affordable price range. Why not give this to new parents for their newborn – next time you are invited to a baby shower or maternity party. They will remember you and your gift for years.