Choosing Infant Car Seats for Maximum Comfort and Safety

According to a recent survey, it is identified that nearly 2000 kids were crashed during accidents and most of these were related to bad car seat that is not fit for child size and age.

Having a right car seat suitable for your child size, age and fitted properly is important to provide your kid with better travel experience.

In fact experts suggest that one of the most important investments that you shall make for your kid while buying a car is a car seat. However before making your choice and investing on one, it is important for you to consider few important factors.

First of all it is important to choose the best car seats for your kid that are easy to clean and maintain. Then you need to learn about the harness, chest belt and other safety equipment before you go for buying them and install in your car.

If possible get clear instruction from automobile experts/car seat manufacturer for easy and hassle free installation.

It is undoubtedly a proven fact that the convertible type rear seat is best suited for your kid in terms of safety. This has been proven in various researches as it provides an extra layer of comfort allowing you to have a peaceful drive.

However before you buy a convertible car seat for your baby it is important that you check all the safety features carefully which comes with it. Some of the essential most features which should be included are:

· 5-Point harness and LATCH connectors

· EPS energy absorbing foam

· Side impact protection

Also the seat you choose should come with all the US safety standards to make it most reliable for buying. Britax infant car seats are one of the most popular and trusted among few and can be considered for buying.

Along with the above mentioned essential features, there are few optional ones that comes with the infant car seats. These features include:

cold weather boot, head support, stay-in-car base, easy to wash cushions, adjustable canopy, etc. Some of these models are also compatible with baby strollers and travel systems and obviously comes at an extra cost.

You can check and get the seats with these convenience features which may range according to the price.

Tips to keep your baby safe and comfortable while traveling

The most daunting experience for every new parent is the kind of car seat that can be purchased so your kid is comfortable and safe inside car. There are various factors that drive your purchasing decision; ranging from cost, fabric to be used, colour and compatibility.

However, it is important for you to get a seat according to the comfort of your kid while they are seated on this child seat. Below are few tips that can help you make your baby most comfortable while he/she lie on the car seat you have bought for them.

Check the position of harness straps: The harness strap should ideally be placed below the shoulders. The harness strap need to hug the baby and shall help controlling movement of kid while your car is on the move. Another check list here is to keep adjusting the harness strap once in a while so that safety is priority.

Check the position of chest clip: The purpose of a chest clip is to ensure harness strap is appropriately positioned and protect your baby during a crash.

Chest clip should not be positioned either too high or too low and should consider height and weight factor of infant. If the chest clip is too tight then it can result in infant having trouble to breathe. Make sure to adjust the chest clip to arm pit level for safety of your infant.

Buying the best car seat online is a great idea

Are you all set to welcome the new member to your family? Happiness and excitement is filling the room and plans and party has already begun for the arrival of your kid.

Baby sets, baby wears and accessories are filling up your entire house. But have you yet considered buying a best car seat for your baby?

If not, its the high time to get one now.

All the best infant car seats for boys are now available online and you can check the detailed reviews of the best models before you buy one.

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