Connection Between Heel Pain and Flat Feet

It is a known fact stated by specialists that flat feet can land to plantar fasciitis as well as heel pain, in people of all ages. It is the common thing which happens all the time when you land your feet on a hard area.

Yes, the plantar fasciitis commences to stretch leading to the tearing of the tissues.

While one may not notice when exactly it occurs, it often happens after resting period like sleeping overnight and then stepping out of the bed.

You may have an idea that small tissue tears take a lot of time to heal. And, if you do not consider this condition seriously, the pain gets more and more severe and then you may have difficulty in managing your daily tasks which need you to walk or stand.

According to HEELPAINRESOURCE in cases where people have flat feet, over pronation is the major reason for Plantar Fasciitis. As it stretches, it creates tension in the mid arch, pulling higher at heel insertion point, thereby exerting pain.

While there are other aspects which lead to feet condition such as age, sickness and obesity, flat feet can often cause heel pain and plantar fasciitis. It is very crucial for the physician to acknowledge it effectively and prescribe the right treatment for it.

One of the best suggested treatments for plantar fasciitis is a perfect insole. With its perfect combo of enhanced water wave therapy along with comfiest insoles, it renders the best possible pain relief to your heel pain. Being clinically tested and proven, it has no side effects on your body.

Kratom for pain relief is also recommended by many doctors as it can benefit greatly to reduce the pain in very short period of time. It renders great relief to hip, back, knee and ankle. So, go ahead and give your sore heels, sprains and strains a quick check.