Fred and Friends Pizza Boss Cutter

A good quality pizza cutter is a must have for every kitchen. And you should definitely add this gadget in your kitchen if you are crazy about eating pizzas, just like me 🙂

Fred and Friends Pizza Boss cutter is a perfect choice when it comes to buying a quality pizza wheel or cutter. It comes handy for cutting through cooked pizzas quickly without ripping off the cheese or toppings.

Are you yet cutting your pizzas with the dinner knife? Isn’t it messy and tedious? If yes, you will surely need to have a look at this.

People often burn their fingers (with the hot cheese and veggies) while cutting pizza. And if you are not bit careful, you will find it hard to cut your pizza neatly. But worry not! Fred and Friends Pizza cutter is designed to suit all your needs.

What I like about Fred and Friends PIBOSS Pizza Boss Pizza Wheel is its unique look and functionality. With this excellent pizza cutter, you can easily blast through even pepperoni, extra cheese and pesky anchovies. It is made of hard high grade plastics. The laser cut stainless-steel blade comes with a removable shield.

This is handy for easy clean up.  Another appealing feature of this pizza cutter is its circular saw. This enables the cutting process easy. It is of good quality and packaged well. It’s a perfect gift for anyone.

What I don’t like about Fred and Friends PIBOSS Pizza Boss Pizza Wheel is that it works well with small and thin pizza alone. The blade is only a few inches across and is not suited for thick, rising crust pizzas. It is not as functional as I expect.

Overall, Fred and Friends PIBOSS Pizza Boss Pizza Wheel is a unique and great for pizza parties. It is one of the best retro kitchen appliances and can easily impress your guests. This slicer is sure to get a round of laughs from everyone.