Personalized Water Bottles For Kids: Tips for Buying

This might sound a little weird as many parents are left wondering on the need for personalized water bottles for kids.

It is important for you to gift your kid a customized water bottle as this could help attract your kid and motivate them to drink water always.

This way your kid stays hydrated always while they continue with their games and play.

Now while you are considering the idea of personalized water bottles, it is also important for you to choose on the material and quality of product that you buy.

Do not invest on a bottle that can turn to be harmful to your kid on the long run.

Hence, make it a point to do some kind of market research before going ahead with buying water bottle for your kid.

Few important questions that need your research are as follows:

Do not use disposable water bottles: Disposable water bottles are convenient and easily available. But think about the health constraints this could bring to your kid.

Disposable bottles are made with low quality materials that are not suitable for a kid. Hence, it is never an ideal choice for you to g with disposable bottle material.

Ideal time to start using bottles: This is definitely at a young age. Young defines as young as possible. Replace sippy cups with water bottles.

Here, as a parent you need to be patient as your kid shall take time to practice the art of drinking from water bottle. This will not happen overnight and require you to help your kid learn the art.

Few options that you can consider while buying personalized water bottles for your kids are as follows:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium

There are pros and cons in each of these materials and choosing the right material involves your decision making and outgo capacity.

Except for plastic, you can choose to select one from any of the three as they are not bound to create any negative effect on your kid. While the catch here is that glass tend to break easily and hence you need to be careful and around your kid.

Now that you have decided on the type of material it is now important for you to consider the things that are as mentioned below:

  • weight of the bottle
  • life of the material and bottle
  • cost involved
  • look and feel of water bottle
  • spout in the preferred bottle
  • amount of water it can hold

Other important factor is for you to look for market options. Learn and understand reviews from people who are already using it and learn how kid is finding it to use. Make sure your kid is comfortable with whatever you choose for them.